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Only Women

La Visualidad Poética de los Objetos - Marisol Cavia

Exposición colectiva 'Only Women'
Lugar CN FOTO, Torrelavega, Spain
Marzo 2019.

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Rapunzel, instalation for the exhibition 100X37 Mujeres sin Sombrero.
March 2018 at the Biblioteca Central de Cantabria in Santander, Spain.
Curated by Nieves Álvarez

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21 Gramos - Gernika 1937 - 2018

La instalación titulada 21 Gramos para la exposición Gernika 1937 - 2018.

Rangoli Performance - La Estetica y Prostetica del Cuerpo Femenino

Performance : El público, provisto de un antifaz, escuchará distintos poemas que forman parte de la obra y que le serán susurrados al oído por sua autoras.


Rangoli. La Estetica y Prostetica del Cuerpo Femenino

Agua, Aire, Fuego, Piedras y Paginas

Marisol's work exhibitted in this group exhibition which has toured Northern Spain during 2015. Two framed multimedia pictures depicting Fire and Water, some sculptures and several installations have been part of the various incarnations of this exhibition.

Arena sin Continente

Arena sin Continente (Sand without a Continent) was part of the Reflejos exhibition
Biblioteca Central de Cantabria, Santander, Spain.
October 2014

The Flavour of the Art of Marisol Cavia

Marisol Cavia's exhibition at the Albaicin Palace
Noja, Spain
July 2013

La Llave de mi Corazon

La Llave de mi Corazon
The Key to my Heart
Part of the 'Sabor del Arte de Marisol Cavia' exhibition at Noja, July 2013.

No Me Olvides

NO ME OLVIDES - Palacio Albaicin,
Noja, Spain,
Julio 2013.

The State of Things

Take It or Leave It exhibition - May 2013
SAL group of artists
at the Arthouse Gallery, London.

Objetos del Pasado

'Espacios Sensibles' or Sensible Spaces
Colegio de Arquitectos, Santander, Spain.
January 2013

I Myself at Sala Ruas

Sala Ruas Gallery
Laredo, Spain, July 2012.


Created by Marisol Cavia at Sianoja 2012 symposium
Held at the Albaicin Palace
Noja, Spain. June 2012.

Seres de Luz I and II

Installation based on the Aura
exhibitted at the Vela Zanetti Gallery, Leon, Spain in November 2011
followed by Sala Ruas, Laredo, Spain in January 2012.

Muerto de Amor

SAL exhibition at The Bhavan Gallery London.
September/October 2010
Private view 23 September.

Marisol at Leeds College of Art and Design

The exhibition was curated by Terry Jones.
21 September to 22 October 2009.

Seamstress's Nightmare

Schmatte Couture Exhibition for BenUri Museum,
Rivington Gallery, London.
September 2008.

English Translations

Exhibition curated by Marisol, at the Sala Naos,
Santander, Spain.
October 2008.

Free Words Exhibition

Mayfair Library, London
15th to the 31st July 2008.


University of Graz, Austria.
September 15th - October 13th 2007

Spanish Artists in London (SAL) exhibition
Instuto Cervantes, Eaton Square, London.
From 13th to 27th September 2007.

Esquilos Lejanos

An Exhibition featuring sheep bells.
Zaragoza, Spain.
November/December 2006.

The Key to my Heart

A site specific Installation including melting Ice Hearts, A video of the hearts melting sequence, a table display titled 'Food for Love', and a performance of poetry reading.
Alma Square, London.
December 2006.


Personal Relics
Exhibitted at Brompton Cemetary, London.
Event of London Biennale 2004
August 2004.

Chocolate Confessionary

At Area 10, part of Camberwell Arts Week
Peckham, London.
June 2003.

Infidelity Installation

Changing Channels Exhibition
Part of London Biennale 'Pollinations'
Bakfabrik, Berlin.
August 2003.

Homage to 11M

11M stands for 11 March 2004 when Madrid bombings took place.
Part of All for Love event during London Biennale 2004
Curated by Jill Rock
at the Brompton Cemetary London
1st August 2004.

raguS and tlaS

Being Human Now Exhibition, Neo Dogma Non
Curated by Rosemary Lopes
142 Project, 142 Lea Bridge Road, London.
November 2004.

Forgotten Languages

London Gallery West,
University of Westminster, London.

Forgotten Languages Participants

Heart contributors for the Forgotten Languages Installation.

Unclaimed Luggage

Artrageous Group
at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
February 2005.

Under The Skin

Shoreditch Gallery, Hoxton Market, Shoreditch, London
April 2004.

London Biennale at the Institute for Contemporary Arts

The London Biennale Books

Museum Man

I Myself

Hidden Voices

Viva España

Altar to Beslan

Talismans from Brighton Beach

Eros Arrows

Exhibition of London Biennale Arrows
At The Foundry, London.
August 2004
Curated by Marisol Cavia.

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